Langholti received the highest score of the day


Langholti received the highest score of the day

Frakkur fr Langholti received the highest score of the day

The first day of the mid summer show at Gaddstaaflatir has come to an end. There were many good horses at the show but Frakkur fr Langholti Fla, a six year old horse and offspring of Vilmundur fr Feti, received the highest score of assessed horsed today.

For conformation Frakkur received a score of 8.05 and for ridden abilities none less than 8.65 and therefore a great total score of 8.41. Clearly, Vilmundur fr Feti is now quite known as father of stallions and it will be exciting to see more of his offspring with Parajumpers Damen Billig similar capacity. Vilmundur himself received no less than a score of 8.95 for ridden abilities when he was assessed at LM 2006.

None of the five year old horses appearing at the show received an outstanding total score. Hringur fr Skari had the highest Moncler Jacke score after today with a great score for conformation 8.24 but only a score of 7.88 for ridden abilities, so far at least.

Of the four year old horses, it was Patrik fr Reykjavk who received a rather good score. He received for conformation a score of 7.99 and for ridden abilities Canada Goose Herren a score Moncler Weste of 8.32 which is a good score for capacity for a four year old horse. His scores were even and good and this Canada Goose Sale is clearly a very talented horse. His total score Parajumpers Herren is 8.19. Lena Zielinski was the rider of Patrik and she is also his owner and breeder, so this Billig Parajumpers Long Bear was a good day for Lena. Patrik is the offspring of Gaumur fr Ausholtshjleigu who made quite an impression at LM 2008 and the same can be said about Vilmundur. The offspring prove to be promising and many of these good stallions which have been appearing for the last few years are also proving themselves as breeding horses.

Of the six Canada Goose Jacke year old mares, it is the daughter of Aron, Verona fr rb who received the highest score of 8.32 which is also her highest score so far.

In the class of five year olds it is Vords fr Hvolsvelli who has the best score which is 8.24. Vords is from the breeding work of Helga Frigeirsdttir and smundur risson in Hvolsvölli and they are also her owners. She is the offspring of Orri fr fu and Orka fr Hvolsvelli and an offspring of Litla Kolla fr Jari who was in the possession of smundur and many middle aged people in the Rang area are likely to remember well.

One four year old mare received a score over 8.00 which is always a certain goal and enjoyable to reach, and then not least when it comes to a four year old horse. This mare is Lsa fr Hrafnkelsstöum 1, she is the offspring of Orra fr fu and the daughter of Kolfinnur, r fr Kprreykjum. As a total score, Lsa received 8.08 and for ridden abilities a score of 8.24 which is fantastic for a four year old horse.